Sano Mephisto: A Must-Wear Shoe for a Healthy Lifestyle

You want to be comfortable, but you also want to be healthy. Did you know that you can get both by walking in a pair of shoes? With Sano Mephisto walking shoes, you can get the support you need to go on long walks, only with the additional benefits of a workout. Yes. A workout.

Sano Mephisto shoes aren't your average pair of walking shoes. The secret in each pair is in the technology. Sano Mephisto shoes go beyond your average sneaker by imbedding special shock absorbers for extra support and comfort, plus, they also offer a unique design that encourages you to stimulate other muscle groups in your body so you get the benefit of real exercise during your normal walk. You just walk as you normally would and while you step, you actually work your legs, abs, and buttock muscles. Now that's a walk on the healthier side!

With these unique technologies already built-in for comfort and performance, Sano Mephisto Shoes help you:

  • Promote a healthier body
  • Improve your physique and posture
  • Stimulate some of those long-ignored muscles
  • Activate blood circulation
  • Tone and tighten
  • Soothe aching joints and muscles
  • Burn excess calories
With benefits like these, who wouldn't want to walk a mile in someone's pair of Sano Mephisto shoes? Get your pair today from the selections for both men and women at

At, we carry one of the net's biggest selections of Mephisto shoes, including a variety of Sano Mephisto shoes for men and women. No matter where you choose to walk or how far you want to go, a pair of Sano Mephisto shoes can ensure that you get comfort with every step, not to mention, tons of health benefits that other shoes just don't deliver.

Get healthy and step in comfort with a pair of Sano Mephisto shoes from
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