Mephisto Refurbishment RESOLE


We all know that Mephisto shoes are high quality, but sometimes after years of wear and tear, you can just wear them out! If you have a pair of Mephisto men's or women's shoes sandals in need of some real care and consideration, let help. Our Mephisto shoe refurbishing services are sure to have the perfect package for getting your favorite pair of Mephisto shoes looking and feeling just like new!

There are several options to choose from when you need to refurbish your Mephisto Shoes, Boots or Sandals at Refurbishment usally takes between 3 To 6 weeks. Let's take a look at the packages so you can find the one that's best for you:

Comprehensive Refurbishment: $140

With this package, you get complete care for your shoes from laces to sole. This option includes replacement outsoles, heel liners, new insoles and laces, and any stitching, refinishing, or conditioning. Plus, you get cedar shoe trees to keep your refurbished shoes in shape and a cotton travel bag that's perfect for carrying your shoes on the go.

Basic Resole: $95

Need to get your shoes back in shape? Get a basic resole and save when you choose With this package, you get replacement outsoles, minor stitching, refinishing and conditioning, and finally, new insoles and laces. Perfect for a favorite pair that needs a face lift after years of love!

Tune Up: $50

Want just a quick refresh for your pair of Mephisto shoes? Then choose this shoe refurbishing package from You'll get minor stitching, refinishing, conditioning, new insoles, and new laces. Pure and simple care for your favorite pair.

Comprehensive Sandal Refurbishment: $80 for Men's, $75 for Women's

With this Mephisto sandal refurbishment package, you get replacement outsoles, replacement footbeds, any stitching, and a complete conditioning so that you can step back into your sandals in style.

***Please note that Mephisto shoe refurbishment is not available for Allrounder shoes. ***

Want to learn more? Interested in having your Mephisto shoe or sandal refurbished?

You can always call at 1-561-691-4676 to order your shoe refurbishment package in a snap.
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